Career Profile

It all started with Geocities. Yes, that Geocities. I created some sites, messed around with some HTML, had some marquee scripts scrolling some text and of course the traditional gif or maybe they were flash images. By the time I reached high school I was head IT for local friends and family; we all know how that goes. Naturally, this required many disciplines in the trade; hardware, networking, troubleshooting and an advanced sense of what a computer could really do. While in high school, I took as many computer classes they would allow; A+, Cisco, a generic computer applications course, and a couple of computer graphics courses that exposed me to Adobe Photoshop and Flash.

When I first started my undergraduate degree in Information Systems at Doane University in 2006, I was really unsure where I wanted to specialize; networking, software, or hardware. Next thing I knew, I was writing “Hello, World” to console.

I have been a software developer ever since.


Senior Software Engineering Manager

August 2021 - Present
Raiven, Irvine, CA

Coming soon...

Software Development Manager

April 2018 - August 2021
Nebraska Book Company, Lincoln, NE

As a Software Development Manager at Nebraska Book Company, I led the effort to build an IT organization from the ground up. Working with executive leadership, we helped create a multi-faceted team that encompassed a number of different systems, including Mainframe, Web and API. From the start, I engaged in training the teams around Agile leadership and development. This has led to faster idea-to-value time along with helping pull the teams together to work on products together instead of in a silo.

Senior Software Engineer

September 2017 - April 2018
Nebraska Book Company, Lincoln, NE

As a Senior Software Engineer at Nebraska Book Company, I was involved in warehouse, logistics, eCommerce and operations side of the business. During this time, I was responsible for maintaining our online selling avenues which included two web stores, a wholesale purchasing platform, as well as a warehouse system.

Software Engineer

February 2012 - September 2017
Nelnet, Lincoln, NE

As a Software Engineer at Nelnet, I was involved in the contact center, loan management and operations side of the business. Designing, developing and supporting over a dozen applications and services. Most notably, an AngularJS application named Workspace. This approach to a single solution can leverage services to make calls to the iSeries, SQL databases, or many other endpoints. This application is being used by over 500 associates at two different clients. This project utilizes the Scrum and Agile methodologies.

Software Developer

August 2010 - February 2012
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing, Lincoln, NE

While working at Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing as a Software Developer I helped design, code and support a complete .NET warehouse system. This system starts from when the part enters the building until the completed rail car leaves the test track. Included in this system was a website; Kawasaki Motors Vendor Portal. This allowed vendors of Kawasaki, local and international, the ability to login, view orders, part diagrams, and be aware of other valuable information.



A single solution approach that combines iSeries, business processes and other miscellaneous apps that associates utilize on a day to day basis.

  • Utilize the Scrum and Agile methodologies.
  • AngularJS combined with a C# WebAPI.
  • Leverage Enterprise Service Bus to handle requests to the system of record.
  • Multi-client with 500+ users
Reporting Hub

Enterprise Reporting Solution

  • Planned, designed and developed an enterprise wide reporting solution.
  • Eliminated time consuming emailing of reports.
  • Allows the management team to access predesigned reports 24/7.
  • Dynamically builds pages on runtime based on report parameters.
  • ASP.NET web app written in VB.NET
  • 1000+ users

Case Management Solution

  • Planned, designed, and developed a rewrite of a case management tool.
  • Routes incoming borrower interactions to an associate.
  • WinForms .NET desktop app written in VB.NET
  • 100+ users

Skills & Proficiency

C# & VB


Javascript & jQuery




Enterprise Service Bus